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We find, inspect and secure your new rental home in Melbourne and Sydney.

Stress-free. Smooth. Affordable.

Looking for a new rental can be a nightmare.

Especially when you live interstate or overseas.


You’ve spent entire days travelling so you can attend inspections, wasting time and money looking at homes that are nothing like their online descriptions.


And since you don’t live in Melbourne or Sydney, you don't know the suburbs or the local rental market. Should you look for an apartment close to work? Or rent a house further out, closer to schools?


You're competing with dozens of people for each property. You’ve submitted so many applications, but you get no responses. You’re beginning to wonder whether the agents give preference to anyone with a local rental history.


You've got a deadline for your relocation: a new job, a place at uni, family commitments.

The stress, the cost, all that wasted time - it might be worth it if you'd found your perfect rental.

But you're getting nowhere.

We can help you.

We're Ausrental, and we're rental advocates.

We work on your behalf to find, inspect and secure your new rental home.


So you can stay home and focus on all the other aspects of moving to another city.

Sounds too good to be true?

See for yourself.

At Ausrental, we do all the legwork for you:




You tell us what you need in your new rental property.
We find available houses or apartments that match your requirements, location, budget and moving date.

You select your favourite properties from the list we provide.
We inspect your top choices on your behalf. We give you a thorough and truthful report of all the features, good and bad, together with photos and a video of our walkthrough.

You apply for the property you like best, with the peace of mind to know that this home is right for you.
We secure your new rental by making sure your application will satisfy the agent and the owner.

Searching online, going to opens, getting knocked back are a thing of the past.

We work closely with our network of agents in Melbourne and Sydney and visit properties daily. We often learn about properties before they’re advertised!

Leave the stress of finding your new rental to Ausrental.

After my initial excitement of receiving a job offer to move from Canberra to Melbourne the panic set in. I knew it was going to be difficult to find a place in January but I couldn’t imagine how hard it would really be.


When I made a trip down to inspect houses and realised I was just one of many, many people looking for the same thing, I became very nervous about whether I’d be able to make the move in time.

With Ausrental I secured a property within a few days.

Codie even met me at the property out of hours and welcomed me to Melbourne and my brand new apartment.


found a home in Richmond

Finding, inspecting and securing a rental can be smooth and affordable.

I’m Codie Smith. I'm the founder of Ausrental and the director of Ausrental Melbourne.


Let me explain how we help you find your new home.

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Take the stress out of

finding your new rental home.

A home you'll love

A 5-bedroom family home in a leafy suburb or a 1-bedroom apartment in the CBD close to uni?

We’ll help you find your

perfect rental.

In the right location

Location is very important and hard to work out in a new city.

We’re local, know our city and will find a rental in the right suburb for you.