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Looking for more details on how this all works? You've come to the right place.

Our claim that we make the entire process of finding, inspecting and securing your new rental home stress-free is a tall order. We get that.

We've created these Frequently Asked Questions, based on some of the questions our clients had. Simply click on any question to see the answer.

If these don't answer your question, please use the Chat window and tell us what you'd like to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to find rental properties online. Why do I need a rental advocate?

Finding a rental online is only the first step. You also need to inspect and secure it.


This may sound straightforward. But inspecting a property isn’t easy when you live regional, interstate or overseas.


Inspection isn’t optional. In Australia, you can only apply for a rental property if you have inspected it.


We can do the inspection on your behalf. We also make sure your application contains all the information the agent needs to simply forward it to the owner, giving you the best chance to secure your new rental home.

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I understand that I have to inspect the property. It's a hassle, but then I've secured my rental, right?

If you're lucky, you only inspect one property, apply for it and secure it. But that hardly ever happens.

You're looking for a home in a competitive market. There may be dozens of other people who want the same apartment or house. People who have a local rental history. People who can attend inspections at short notice.

It's much harder to do this when you live interstate or overseas. Consider these issues:


  • Cost: You need to travel to get to inspections. That can become expensive, especially if you need flights and accommodation.

  • Time: Attending a 15 minute open house could mean a full day’s travel.

  • Late notice: Often, an inspection is only scheduled a few days in advance. You need to be available at short notice, arrange travel quickly and pay high airline fares.

  • One chance to inspect: Agents expect you to be at the scheduled open house. They won’t arrange another inspection just because you can’t make it.

  • Meeting your relocation deadline: You may only have a few weeks before you start your new job or uni. You need to secure your new rental home before that deadline. That adds a lot of stress when you need to focus on getting ready for your relocation.

  • Poorly advertised properties: A house or apartment may seem perfect online but look very different in reality. You only discover that at the inspection, wasting time and money on a property that isn't right for you.

  • Expenses multiply: You may have to inspect more than one property. You probably can't view all the properties you like on the same day. That means you’ll have to travel again and again to attend the inspections for each home.


Imagine having to inspect 2, 5, 8 properties.


Imagine wasting time and money on inspecting homes that turn out to be unsuitable when you see them.

Imagine repeating this over and over and not being able to secure even the rental homes you like.


We can make this whole process stress-free, saving you time and money.

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How can Ausrental help me?

We find, inspect and secure your new rental home.


You tell us what you want, and we do the rest.


It really is that easy.


We make the whole process smooth and affordable:


  • You tell us what you need in your perfect rental home and give us your budget and your timeline.

  • We only recommend available properties that suit your requirements, your timeframe and your budget.

  • We inspect your top choices on your behalf.

  • We send you a detailed, honest report of our inspection together with photos and video footage.

  • We secure your rental by making sure your application includes all the information the agent needs so they can simply forward it to the owner. This gives you the best chance to get approved for your new home.

We take the stress out of finding your new rental. You can stay home and get ready for your relocation.

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In which cities do you find rental homes?

We currently help you find a rental property in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Regional NSW.

Where to Live Melbourne features information about our favourite Melbourne suburbs.


If you're relocating to Sydney, we introduce three of the best areas to live in on Where to Live Sydney.

If you’re looking for a rental in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth and Regional NSW or in another Australian location, contact us to discuss your requirements with us.

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What packages do you offer?

Ausrental offers a range of services:

  • Video Inspection
    You found your perfect property but need someone to inspect it on your behalf? Our Video Inspection does just that.

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How is Ausrental different from an agent?

We work for you. We focus on your requirements. We're independent rental advocates; we're not affiliated with any real estate agencies.


What that means for you is that we have access to all available rental properties, no matter which agent represents them. This gives you a wide selection of possible apartments and houses to choose from.

These are some of the advantages we offer you:

  1. We understand tenants
    We worked in the real estate industry and saw how people struggled to get rental properties, especially those who lived interstate or overseas. Property managers and leasing consultants just don’t have the time to work with you to find your perfect home, unless they represent a property that suits you.

  2. We understand agents
    We know what information real estate agents need. We speak "real estate" jargon. We know what we need to tell agents to get them interested in dealing with you.

  3. We understand owners
    We’ve leased properties for owners and we are investors ourselves. We know what's important for owners. We ask the right questions, based on your requirements. We speak to each property manager before we inspect to make sure that you’re a suitable candidate for the rental.

  4. We know about properties before you do
    We work with a network of property managers and leasing consultants. We often know about rentals before they’re advertised. We even inspect apartments and houses before the public, thanks to our great relationships with real estate agents.

  5. We can get information you can’t
    We discover in advance whether someone else has already applied for a property. We also find out what type of tenant the owner is looking for. If a rental isn’t available or if you don’t match the owner’s tenant profile, we won’t recommend that property.

  6. We attend inspections on your behalf
    You don’t have to inspect a property personally. With your authorisation, we can do that for you, saving you time and money.

  7. We inspect properties the way you would
    We look at homes as if we were prospective tenants. We compare your requirements to what we see and tell you what meets your needs, what doesn’t and what issues you should be aware of.

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What if Ausrental can't find me a rental I like?

We will do everything we can to find the right rental home for you.


We ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire to understand what your perfect rental property looks like. Based on your information, we give you an extensive list of apartments or houses that suit your needs. Once you tell us your preferred options from that list, we  begin the inspection process.


Our knowledge of the local rental market, our connections to agents and our exclusive access to properties give you the best possible chance to secure your rental home in a competitive market.


If you choose not to proceed with an inspection of any of the properties we recommend, we will refund the cost of the package, less 5% administration fee.

Please read our Refund Policy for the details.

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Why was my application unsuccessful?

There could be many reasons why your application wasn’t approved. Here are some of the more common reasons why applications fail:


Reason 1: You didn’t inspect the property.

You (or someone authorised by you) have to inspect a property before you can apply for it. If you didn't inspect the rental, your application won’t be processed.


Reason 2: Your application was incomplete.

Agents want applications that are complete and give them all the answers they need. They can forward those applications immediately to the owner for approval.


If your application is missing information, the agent has to follow up with you. That’s additional work for them.


It’s easy to make mistakes on your application; we see it all the time. But if your application is incomplete and someone else’s is complete, guess which application will be forwarded to the owner?


Reason 3: The owner might not want you as a tenant.

This may seem harsh but owners sometimes look for a specific type of tenant. It’s their property so they can choose their preferred tenant from the applicants. If your application is rejected for this reason, that’s simply bad luck.


Reason 4: The property has already been leased.

This happens more often than you realise. Agents don’t cancel an inspection just because someone’s application has been approved. Until the applicant pays the deposit, the property is still "on the market". If they pay before the inspection, the property has been leased when you view it. But you won’t know that and may submit an application for a property that’s no longer available.

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I want to apply for a property. How do I do that?

Speak to us as soon as you've decided to apply. We help you prepare your application to make sure your answers meet the agent's requirements.


We then send it to the agent, together with your supporting documents. The agent only has to do the reference checks and forward your application to the owner.

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The owner has approved my application. What are the next steps?

Congratulations! The real estate agent will contact you to tell you that you have been successful. They will then ask you to pay a deposit or a full month’s rent. Once you’ve paid this, the agent will prepare your lease agreement and organise a time for you to meet them to sign the lease, pay the bond and pick up the keys.

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I need to find a removalist. Can you help?

Absolutely. Speak to us once your application has been approved. We'll ask our broker to contact you. They can give you competitive quotes for removalists, whether you’re moving from a regional area, interstate or overseas.

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How can I get utilities and other services connected before I move in?

We can help you. Our service Ausrental Connect arranges connection of over 20 utilities before you arrive at your new home, such as electricity, gas, internet and even insurance.

Let us know that you'd like to use this service, and we'll arrange for someone to contact you.

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Are you ready to swap the stress for a smooth, affordable alternative?

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