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Meet the

Ausrental Team

We find, inspect and secure your new rental home.

Imagine simply applying for a rental property without having to travel interstate or overseas to inspect it first. That’s what we offer you.


We make your stress go away. We take care of all the things you dreaded about having to find a rental home in Melbourne, Sydney or another Australian location:


  • You tell us what you’re looking for.

  • We only suggest available homes that fit your requirements and are in the right area.

  • We inspect your favourite options on your behalf and give you a report that leaves out nothing, good or bad, together with a video of our walkthrough.

  • You choose your new rental home based on information you can trust.

  • We ensure your application ticks all the boxes for agents and owners.


You can stay home throughout the entire process and focus on getting ready for your move.


And all this for an affordable fee that may be cheaper than the equivalent of one interstate trip.


We know what it's like.

As property managers, we’ve watched how stressed our clients were when they couldn't make it to inspections and lost out on yet another property.


We’ve seen the disappointment of not getting approved for a dream home.

We’ve seen the stress of having to meet a relocation deadline and being unable to get to inspections.


We’ve seen the frustration of prospective tenants walking away from properties that looked great online but were very different in reality.

We've been there.

We understand what you’re going through.


We’ve wasted time and money flying interstate to look at poorly advertised properties that sounded perfect online but didn’t meet our needs when we inspected them.


We’ve applied for rental properties without getting a response.


We’ve spent hours attending inspections, only to find out afterwards that the properties had been leased already.


We knew there had to be a better way.


One that takes away the stress, the expense and the waste of time.

One that makes the process smooth and affordable.


That’s why Codie founded Ausrental.

Meet Codie Smith


Director, Ausrental Melbourne

I grew up in Melbourne and have lived here for most of my life. Six years in the fast-paced environment of the army taught me the importance of good communication and flexibility.


I also had to relocate interstate, three times.


Back in Melbourne, I moved into a rental in St Kilda and started my career in real estate at a fantastic local agency. I knew I’d found the perfect industry for me.


In my job as property manager, I saw so many good applications from people who lived interstate and overseas. None of them were approved because they had no one who could inspect a rental property on their behalf – inspections are a must here. Even time-poor locals stumble at this hurdle.

What those unsuccessful applicants needed was a rental advocate with local knowledge and connections who could make the process stress-free.


Someone who offered an alternative to wasting time and money on inspections that led nowhere.


I saw a gap in the market and the idea of Ausrental was born.


Why I started Ausrental

When you have a new business idea, you often get hit with a wave of negativity. People who told me that there was no room for such a service in the industry, that I lacked experience. But there were also plenty of people who told me they believed in me. And that kept me going.


So how would I find clients who needed my help? Ideally through referrals from real estate agents. They’d know who was struggling to make it to inspections or who needed advice on which suburbs would suit their requirements.


In return, I could offer the agents a reliable solution for referring prospective tenants. Ausrental would become a valuable resource for agents to find 5-star applicants interested in leasing the properties they manage.


In short:

Ausrental would be the missing link between prospective tenants and agents.

My reasoning was right. Several agents liked that they could now provide such a valuable extension of their service to clients they couldn’t help before.


One of those agents was Seddon Johnston. He quickly became a friend. And when Seddon told me of his planned move to Sydney, I realised that I might be able to expand Ausrental sooner than expected.



When I’m not looking at properties, I play AFL in a local league in Melbourne, go to music gigs and spend time on a golf course.

"Ausrental made my move from Brisbane to Melbourne a breeze. Codie really took the time to listen to what I needed in a home and actually delivered properties that matched these needs. Couldn't be happier with my new home."


Check out our testimonials for more client love and great endorsements from agents.


What we stand for

Asset 2.png


At such a stressful time, the last thing you need is a lack of communication. We respond promptly. We keep you informed and are available when you need us. We’re easy to work with and professional at all times.

Asset 2.png


We know our cities and the local real estate market. We have access to properties that haven’t even been listed yet. We know what information agents and owners need and we make sure you’re a suitable candidate.

Asset 2.png


We know you have a deadline and need to find a rental quickly in a competitive market. We work fast so you're in the best position to secure your perfect rental home in your preferred location.

Asset 2.png


When you tell us what you want, we listen. Long lists don't faze us. We take the time to understand your needs so we only recommend suitable properties for you. We explain how we work and make sure you understand every step of the process. We want you to feel safe and in control.

Asset 2.png


You need to be sure that you’re applying for the property that best suits your needs. That’s why our inspection reports are honest and detailed, leaving out nothing, good or bad. We include photos and a video of our walkthrough so you know you can trust what we tell you.

Asset 2.png


We want to make the process of securing your new rental apartment or house as smooth as possible for you. You tell us what you’re looking for. We do everything else. You can stay home and focus on all the other tasks of your relocation. It really is that easy.

"I was moving from Canberra for work on a tight time frame. Knowing nothing about Melbourne I was struggling with locations and to secure a rental. Codie secured me the first apartment I showed him, well under my budget and with everything I was hoping for! He took all the stress out of moving."


Check out our Google Reviews for more testimonials from happy clients and agents.

Our successes

In less than

2 years

we've helped over

180 people


a new rental home


happy new tenants

come from

across Australia

and from

13 different countries

We now help you

find rental properties


Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Regional NSW

Are you ready to swap the stress for a smooth, affordable alternative?

I like what you offer. Tell me more about how this works.

I'm interested.

Show me how you can help me.

I'm ready.

Make my relocation stress-free.

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